Identifying and Dealing with Negative Entities

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By: John Moore Lately it seems everyone I speak to about a new case believes they have some negative entity or demon haunting them. Most forget that about 80% of paranormal claims have a perfectly logical and natural cause. Of the remaining 20% of claims that are paranormal less than 1% are truly in human or demonic in nature. This article is for after those cases that truly are paranormal in nature and have no natural explanation. The most common cause I have run across for this idea that there is a demon in the house is simply a misinterpretation of a spirits attempts to communicate. There are some key factors to look for during a paranormal investigation that indicate a negative or demonic entity which we will discuss later. It must also be noted that this article is simply to clarify some misconceptions and offer some help to those afflicted by these entities. However, after reading this no one should consider themselves ready to do battle with a demonic or inhuman entity under any circumstances. It takes years of training and experience to deal with these entities and one mistake can have severe consequences for all those involved. The best thing to do if you suspect something inhuman or demonic is present is to contact a team experienced in extreme paranormal activity or spiritual warfare for help. There are many different schools of thought on negative entities. They are generally based on the beliefs of the individual. We will be looking at the most general and common of those beliefs as they pertain to a paranormal investigator. There are three basic categories for negative entities we’ll be looking at: Human spirits, astral parasites, and Demons. When investigating a possible negative entity always be cautious and never provoke them otherwise you may inadvertently attract the attention of whatever you are there to investigate, at which point you may find yourself as the one in need of help along with your client. While waiting for them the best thing to do is never let the client feel that you have abandoned them. Even if you just speak with them to reassure them it will go a long way in helping them once the other team arrives. The most basic rules when investigating a possible negative entity are always protect yourself and be cautious. Before investigating it is advisable to use a prayer of protection such as the prayer of St. Michael as a team. Regardless of your beliefs this show of solidarity will strengthen your energies and put a united front for anything you encounter. Each person should keep something that they feel has power to protect them also such as blessed items or protection stones like black obsidian, pyrite or black tourmaline just to name a few. These are simply examples based on some beliefs there are many others out there that can also be used depending on the situation. The second rule is never should anyone investigate their own home. If there is something there then it is already drawn to them. By investigating it you are acknowledging it and essentially inviting it to you. This will give any demonic entity or stronger astral parasite the opening it is looking for in order to attach to a person. We will go over this a bit more later. The most important rule though is that you must respect the beliefs of the client. If they do not believe in what you are doing then you have lost before you even start. (Example…having a catholic priest bless a house for a Jewish woman). Remember you are there to help them not push your beliefs on them. The most common cause of negative activity is actually a distressed human spirit. Often they suffered some great pain or injustice in life that keeps them from crossing over. These types of hauntings will appear similar to any other case of paranormal activity involving an intelligent spirit with the exception that often the activity is more violent than normal. They can throw objects, bang on things, slam doors, and even lash out occasionally at those present in the home. Often these types of entities simply want someone to listen to them and help them to come to terms with whatever has happened to them. The activity seems to get increasingly violent as the spirit gets angry or frustrated that its attempts to communicate are being ignored. It’s been compared to a child throwing a tantrum. Often these cases are solved by simply having an investigation team come in and communicate with the spirit. The conversations are generally one sided as you can guess but over time the activity will cease and the spirit will either move on or happily co-exist with the occupants. Although sometimes a spirit is in so much pain that it can’t be helped using this method. In these cases the rights of the living should take priority and the spirit must be cleansed from the house. An experienced medium or energy worker is often the best option to help in this situation. Although a Priest cleansing and blessing the house is always a good idea also. More Detailed Discussion via Paranormal News.

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