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If Paranormal stuff exists then why there isn't any hard evidence of it?

Dear Paranormal believers, is that your personal experiences or the stories from other people which make you believe in this. I am a skeptic. I don't believe in these paranormal supernatural things like ghosts and souls roaming in living world. One of the reason I don't believe is because No big religion of the world supports the ghost theory. Religions do say that soul exist but it only exists in heaven or hell or in living human body or gets reincarnated. Spirits/souls don't wander around on earth. Now second point is that Why there is not even a single Full HD, high resolution, clear videos of Ghosts? Okay, I agree that good cameras arnt always available when you encounter paranormal. but what about Paranormal investigators. Especially the Ghost hunters they must be the best Paranormal investigators out there with all good equipment to get evidence of ghosts. They even get to investigate most haunted places of earth. but then even in their career of 5-6 years they couldn't capture single good clarity picture of a ghost. If you have experienced supernatural stuff then I would say its either a Scientific phenomenon or a Psychological phenomenon which can be explained. Share your stories, media links in comments at Reddit: Paranormal.

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