Iguana Spotted on Mars in Curiosity Photo

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Another day, another "creature" on Mars. Eagle-eyed UFO enthusiasts recently announced they've spotted yet another "animal" on the red planet. On Nov. 6, the UFO Sightings Daily blog declared that NASA's Curiosity rover had taken what appears to be a photograph of a Martian iguana: This image has been digitally enhanced to highlight the features of the "creature," according to UFO Sightings Daily blog. "To say it's just a rock would be very closed minded to the evidence at hand," Scott C. Waring, the blog's founder, noted of the curious image taken in January. "ot only does it have a body, but look closely and you will see its lower neck skin, its mouth line, nostril hole and even an open eye with a large brow over it." Read More at HuffPost.

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