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India releases first image of crater-scarred Mars

By KATY DAIGLE NEW DELHI (AP) — India's space agency released the first image of the crater-scarred and dry surface of Mars taken by the nation's first interplanetary spacecraft after it began orbiting the red planet. The image released Thursday was taken when the Martian Orbiter Mission, or MOM, was about 7,300 kilometers (4,536 miles) from the planet's surface, according to the Indian Space and Research Organisation. The digital data took at least 12 minutes to reach Earth. The image fills the frame and shows dry land pockmarked by craters, with the smallest discernible detail covering an area about 376 meters (1,234 feet) wide. Space agency scientists released the image after bringing it to New Delhi to show to Prime Miniser Narendra Modi, who had spent Wednesday morning witnessing the satellite's last maneuvers into orbit from the space agency's Mars command center in the southern city of Bangalore. via My Way News.

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