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Intergalactic Messenger Found

Swinburne astrophysicists are part of an international team that has discovered a new class of astronomical phenomena. This is an exciting discovery from Australian researchers.Tthe origins of this amazing find could bring new insights into the mass and evolution of the Universe. These phenomena, known as Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), are bursts of radio waves that originated billions of light years away, which are likely to have been caused by some catastrophic event in the distant Universe. The discovery was made by University of Manchester and CSIRO PhD student Dan Thornton, using data from the CSIRO Parkes 64 metre radio telescope. It confirms the authenticity of a previously detected, but controversial signal, known as the Lorimer burst. A single burst of radio emission of unknown origin was first reported beyond our galaxy in 2007, but despite other surveys, no new bursts were found until this study. “We have spent the last four years searching for more of these explosive, short-duration radio bursts,” Mr Thornton said. He found four more bursts, removing any doubt that they are real. via David Reneke | Space and Astronomy News.

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