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Thu Nov 22 REPLAY of Tue Oct 2 - Dr. Ioannis (John) Syrigos - Expedition to Tayos Caves

Ioannis Syrigos will share his exploration of the Tayos Cave system in Ecuador, being kidnapped in the Amazon, and related investigations. BIO: Dr. Ioannis (John) Syrigos is a computer & electrical engineer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, a lecturer, explorer and researcher, and is also co-owner and co-founder of Ancient Origins. Ioannis has a personal passion for ancient history, mythology, anthropology and astronomy and mythology of ancient sites as relayed by the local indigenous people. In his spare time, he investigates these subjects in depth. Ioannis has undertaken expeditions and research in remote areas of Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru, and is currently investigating sites across Ireland. www.ancient-origins.net
1 Inside one of the unexplored Tayos caves
2 Ecuadorian Amazon, getting ready to enter a village and we are painted as their tradition dictates.
3 Peru, exploring the area close to Machu Picchu

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