Iowa restaurant captures GHOST on camera after spooky unexplained happenings

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Recent strange events at an Iowa restaurant have the owner and his employees spooked. Pat Orr, owner of Chuck and Edna’s Maid-Rite, in Cascade, enlisted the help of Iowa City Ghost Hunters to investigate a series of unexplained phenomena in the restaurant that started April 14. The first seemingly unexplained disturbance took place just before 6pm April 14. The store’s security camera captures an amorphous shadow at the restaurant’s dishwashing station that slowly forms into what looks like a person and drifts off screen. The video shows the feet of a Maid-Rite employee at the edge of the frame, but the employee told Orr she saw nothing unusual. '(Employees) have been saying they’ve seen strange things ever since the place opened, and (I) blew it off until I saw the video,' Orr told the Telegraph Herald. 'It looks like it’s coming out (from underneath the cooler), goes across the floor and up over the dishwasher,' Orr said. 'But, you see, I can’t make a shadow here. I don’t know. I don’t know what it is.' Orr acknowledged the figure could have been an insect on the camera lens. More at Mail Online.

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