James Fox offers $100,000 for solid UFO evidence

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American UFO hunter James Fox is offering $US100,000 to anyone who can give him credible evidence of extraterrestrial activity on Earth — including from a claimed sighting in suburban Melbourne he is investigating. The proposal is perhaps not as crazy as it seems. It comes in the same week that the spacecraft Cassini ends its groundbreaking 20-year mission that recently discovered the Saturnal moon Enceladus had an ocean and potential hydrothermal activity — key building blocks for life. However Fox’s quest is at the opposite end of the journey: Any alien life that made it to Earth. And that quest has now come to Australia. In particular he is appealing to government officials who might have documentary or photographic evidence but be fearful of going public because of either the stigma or official repercussions. “We’re trying to get government officials to come forward and not say ‘Hey, ET has landed’ but there have been events (witnessed) by extremely credible observers of relatively incredible things and we have yet to explain or be able to explain these and to sort of acknowledge some of these incredible events in an official capacity,” he tells news.com.au. “Coupling along with that, we know through interviews with some of the military men and women we met with, that there are bits of evidence, whether it be radar or some photographs of landing gear, that sort of thing, that have never seen the light of day. And we are encouraging any military or government officials with some of these materials a rather large sum of money — $100,000 and possibly more — if they are willing to come forward.” Very few articles so far received make the cut even for analysis. “We’ve got lots of compelling photographs but nothing where our jaw hit the floor.”

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