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Mon Jan 7 - Jason Haxton - Dybbuk: Dislocated Soul

WARNING, DO NOT OPEN! Jason Haxton will discuss the horrifying truth of the cursed antique Jewish wine cabinet known as the Dibbuk Box. www.dibbukbox.com Article: The True Story of the Dybbuk Box and Where It Is Now BIO: Jason Haxton, MA, DO (h.c.) The Dibbuk Box former owner and author of a non-fiction book The Dibbuk Box as the title, has been the director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine since January 2001. Besides managing the Museum that was created in 1934, he makes multiple international trips each year (Belgium, Russia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Brazil and the UK) to provide lectures, historic research materials and promote the principles of early medicine. Prior to his Museum work, he was a university administrator for over 10 years. He has recently worked on several projects with the Smithsonian Institute, served as a researcher/benefactor with the state capitol of Missouri, and a lecturer with his state’s arts council. He is a member of several local historical groups. He facilitates exhibits that have served almost 3-million visitors across the USA. A few years ago year he was the keynote speaker for the Edgar Cayce Conference in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He actually cares for a collection of Cayce Reading records at his museum. Jason most recently worked on the PBS documentary: “The Feminine Touch”.

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