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Thu Jan 31 - Jay A. Bachochin - Chasing the Wildman of Wisconsin: A 5 Year Journey

Wonder on a journey with Jay Bachochin into the unknown searching for evidence of Bigfoot! www.wpihuntsthetruth.com Jay has been interested in the paranormal since he was old enough to hold an interest. Jay was raised on Creature Features back in the early 70's. He just loved "anything" that was supernatural. It wasn't until 1979 when he witnessed something paranormal first hand and saw the most amazing display of a well lit flying object above their house in Lindenhurst, IL. What did his brother, sister and my mom see that night? They could all say it was a UFO, but until this day they still can't explain what we saw. However, it was fascinating to watch these lights move in the night sky over a total of :20 minutes. Throughout Jay’s life he has experienced many encounters that didn’t make sense. Jay experienced a 5 second black-out when he was 10 years old. The black-out didn't only happen to Jay at that time, but also his younger friend he was with at the time. This 5 second black-out was the most bizarre thing he can recall from childhood. How can 2 people share the same black-out? He has witnessed many different unidentified flying objects near his hometown and his current residence over the years. Since 2013, Jay has been investigating The Wisconsin Sasquatch and Dogman. He has had several sightings and has collected over 5 years worth of data. Jay believes that we are not alone in our universe but not alone in the woods. Another race of alien beings? A greater force beyond comprehension? Worm-holes? Time scapes? Parallel universes?

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