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Tue Dec 18 - Jean Broida - Objects of Unknown Origins & Anomalous Activity

From the Nazca Lines to the Great Pyramids, Remote Viewing to Unusual Deaths, mysteries surround us and explanations often defy logic, but that won't stop us from asking the questions and pushing the envelope of our wildest imaginations. www.LightWork111.com BIO: Author and investigative reporter Jean Broida, MSCIS, has written hundreds of published articles on wide-ranging subjects, from politics to health, finance, technology, climate, the paranormal – and more. A professional background and degrees in Education, Psychology, and Information Technology, coupled with a metaphysical mindset, give Jean her unique perspective on the world around us as she connects the dots to expose above-top-secret information, cover-ups, suppressed sources, and arcane, occult knowledge. An award-winning Toastmaster and avant-garde thinker whose motto is, “What shall we learn today?” no topic is too controversial for Jean to illuminate.

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