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Tue Dec 24 - Jeff Belanger - Creepy Christmas Traditions

REPLAY from last year, please enjoy! Halloween has the 31st but the real season of fear begins December 5th and concludes Jan 6th! Meet the players in this twisted gathering of creepy Christmas critters. Jeff Belanger loves weird history and folklore from around the world and visits us to share some of the most unusual aspects of a season that is thought of mostly as magical and merry.

jeffbelanger.com ournewenglandlegends.com www.GhostVillage.com Twitter: @THEJeffBelanger Jeff Belanger has been researching the unusual and unbelievable for the better part of his life and uncovered the true power of Legends & Myths and the truth that lies somewhere in the middle. Jeff is the author of many books focused on Legend Tripping, the Paranormal and Mysteries of the World. Jeff has been the lead writer and researcher for the hit Travel Channel Series, Ghost Adventures and has appeared on many programs and documentaries, he is also a multiple Emmy nominee for his program, Our New England Legends and host of a weekly podcast of the same name. Dec 24th Show Materials: Article: Native American Christmas Traditions
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