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Mon Oct 8 - Jeff Danelek / The Mysterious UFO of 1897

Jeff Danelek presents his provocative theory that the mysterious vessel seen over California in 1896-7 was a terrestrial craft years ahead of its time that may have been destroyed just as it was on the verge of being publicly acknowledged. BIO: A native of Minnesota but a resident of Colorado since 1969, my life has been a journey that has taken me down many different paths—some good and some not so good—but all of them useful in my journey. After a stint in the Navy (as a navigator and, briefly, an air traffic controller) I attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, specializing in illustration and graphic design. Since then, I have worked for a wide array of employers, from the public school system to the aerospace industry. I even worked for a couple of years laying out an international magazine for a local televangelist (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty). After doing a gig as a part-time driving instructor, I'm back in the graphics industry once again while I wait for my "ship to come in"—whenever that might be. In the meantime, I do free-lance graphic work, teach airbrush for the City of Denver Department or Parks and Recreation, continue to write, teach classes at Colorado Free University and work on my tennis game (with little success). I currently live in Lakewood, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) with my wife, Carol, and two beasts. www.ourcuriousworld.com www.quest4spirit.org

Exhibits: Stan Romenek Videos

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