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JFK Airport buckles under pressure of rescheduled flights, broken equipment and a collision on the tarmac after Cyclone Bomb

  • Thousands of passengers are stranded at John F Kennedy airport following more than 6,000 flight cancellations or delays. 'People are sleeping on the ground, people are sitting on the ground. People have taken over wheelchairs....It's complete chaos,' one passenger said.
  • A 'bomb cyclone' hit the Eastern Seaboard with hurricane winds and blizzard conditions on Thursday and prompted the airport to close. The airport has been plagued with multiple mishaps since it reopened Friday.
  • A China Southern plane clipped the right tail end of a Kuwait Airways airliner around 12am Saturday morning, Both aircrafts, which were Boeing 777s, sustained damage; no one was injured. On Friday, an American Airlines flight bound for Cancun turned around for an emergency landing after someone on board said they saw a wing was on fire.
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