Thu Aug 24 - Jill Hanson - Perception & Reality

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Website: JILL HANSON is an Ontocosmologist, Researcher, Writer, Educator, Global Talk Radio Host, and Founder of The Q.Psience Project. With a broad academic background spanning Anthropology, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Astrophysics, Fine Art and Contemplative Studies, Jill brings not only a strong interdisciplinary foundation and approach to the scientific exploration of the origins of Consciousness, Perception and the nature of Reality, but also an active, lifelong passion for the inquiries of science, the paranormal, subjective reality and truth - and the inherent relationships between these disciplined areas of inquiry. You can catch Jill and Guest(s) on The Q.Psience Project every Friday night from 10pm-Midnight ET/7-9pm PT on

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