Fri May 25 - Dr. Jim Manganiello - Unshakable Certainty

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We kick off the show tonight digging into Depth Therapy with Dr. Jim Manganiello. Depth therapy describes a range of approaches to therapy that take the unconscious into account, rather than one specific modality. This interdisciplinary approach to treatment is based on the idea that all people possess traits or elements of nature that may influence, often unconsciously, their natural processes. This is an exploration of the unhealthy mind & materialistic nightmare. Dr. Manganiello is pioneering new developments in depth therapy. Byre-visioning its purpose and adding to its methods. He’s been a contemplative practitioner for more than 30 years.

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Dr. Manganiello has cut the price of the Audio, “Calm State” $12.00 and the book, “Unshakable Certainty” is FREE! BIO: Dr. Jim Manganiello is an award-winning depth psychologist, author and teacher, with more than 30 years of deep therapy experience. Jim earned his Doctorate at Boston University, where he studied under a full fellowship awarded on the basis of outstanding promise for professional excellence. He has an academic rank of associate professor. He taught psychology for 5 years at Boston University and taught and trained therapists for 4 years at Lesley University Graduate School. Jim is pioneering new developments in depth therapy. By re-visioning its purpose and adding to its methods. He’s been a contemplative practitioner for more than 30 years. Especially in the Tibetan Bon-Buddhist Dzogchen tradition. Jim’s work integrates methods and wisdom from the contemplative “deep mind” sciences. As well as art and the Creative Imagination. And it also connects to entheogen research findings, confirming the power of psychedelics, as sacraments and medicines. Jim’s book Unshakable Certainty presents eastern wisdom, especially for westerners. His book, Your Creative Imagination, Unlocked, Become Who You Truly Are, written with celebrated abstract artist Frank Arnold, revisions art and depth therapy. It explores the non-dual awareness we need to see and unpack visual art vs. just looking at it. He is also a recipient of a Carnegie Medal honor for risking his life to save the life of a young boy.

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