Thanks to All New Members for Supporting Ending Hunger in the Heartland

Posted by K R on

Midnight in the Desert supports Second Harvest Heartland! We had 200 new members join the Time Travelers in July and we promised that we would donate $4 of your first monthly subscription fee directly to Second Harvest Heartland.

In addition EllGab members "Gravity Sucks" and "Bart Ell" will make up the difference of the full subscription price, so there is a full $5.00 paid for each new member, another $100 from each of them, and finally not to be outdone, "WeinerInHand" is making an additional $200 donation, for a grand total of $1200, all in the name of Midnight in the Desert w/Dave Schrader. Together we are supplying 3600 meals to people in need.

We thank all the new members and contributors.

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