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Jonathan Reed

9/18/2013: Jonathan Reed will be discussing his encounter with an ET. He'll review and update us with the latest info.
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Dr Reed's Odisea Link Website. BIO - Dr. Jonathan Reed: Internationally known Contactee, Experiencer, Author, and Lecturer: Dr. Jonathan Reed whose stated articles and has appeared both on international and domestic television, radio and Internet programs; such as Infinito Channel, The Discovery Channel Mx, Costa Rica, Peru, Dreamland,Televisa, and the BBC, speaking in South and Latin America, Europe and in Russia...along with speaking many times with Renowned Radio Host; Art Bell, as well as with many others in countries all around the world. His story of personal alien contact is truly one of the most widely speculated, one of the most controversial, most debated and compelling cases of our time. Having some of the best evidence ever collected relating to the reality of alien or extraterrestrial intelligent life forms interacting with humankind. His case has also been featured in varied ET articles, television programs and literatures, and in numerous publications around the world.

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