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Fri July 20 - Judy Carroll - Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: Lessons in History

The history of ET contact on Earth is very complex, and such complexity can, and has been, manipulated by mixing some truth with much fiction to cause maximum confusion. Judy Carroll offers a unique perspective on the eons of ET contact—both genuine and falsified—and presents the hidden history of Earth, its hijacking by Reptoid “Controllers,” and their covert influence behind world governments and fundamentalist religions. Judy Carroll's life-long connection to ETs came in 1983 at age 30, with a daytime contact encounter during which several Greys appeared to her in full daylight and she recognized them as family. Judy reveals that she is a “blended” soul whose conscious awareness spans two planetary connections—both Earth human and Zeta Grey. Her mission, along with other blended souls now incarnated as Earth humans, is to be an inter-planetary ambassador. Carroll practices and teaches Reiki in Australia, where she resides. ufogreyinfo.com

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