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The “Juvenile Taboo” Against Telling Truths About An Alien Presence

Update January 4, 2018 Albuquerque, New Mexico - From Original December 19, 2017 Earthfiles - Saturday, December 16, and Monday, December 18, 2017, were historic days in the annals of the U. S. government's 70 years of covering up the alien presence behind UFOs with strict policies of denials and lies ordered in 1947 by President Harry S. Truman in the interest of national security. The government was running scared after the UFO crashes and alien body retrievals in the Roswell, New Mexico, region in July 1947. This new crack in official U. S. government policies of denials began on Saturday, December 16th, with The New York Times headline: "Glowing Auras and 'Black Money': The Pentagon's Mysterious U. F. O. Program." The Times website contained a 34-second jet fighter gun camera infrared video of a UFO doing a rotation without losing altitude off the coast of San Diego, California, during November 2004 training exercises. It was officially released by the Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Two days after The New York Times had released the AATIP 34-second infrared video, on Monday, December 18, 2017, The Washington Post released a 2 minute and 45-second longer infrared gun camera video identified as "GIMBAL" referring to technology. The background information states that for this longer, more sensitive video, “the date, location and other information have been removed by the originating authority as part of the release approval process.” But since United States Navy Commander David Fravor interviewed by the Post in conjunction with the second video release, the location might have been in the Middle East where Commander Fravor was working in 2004. Click and see more below with the 2:45 second video.

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