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Kentucky's Violently Haunted Anderson Hotel is so Scary it was Sealed Up

You might not know it from first glance, but the quaint and lovely little town of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky is home to one of the most haunted buildings in the entire state. The Anderson Hotel, which has been abandoned for over thirty years, is the unlikely site of some of the most violent and visually stunning paranormal activity documented in the last several decades, manifesting on camera in the form of aggressive bite marks from invisible jaws and producing a mysterious haunted artifact that continues to stump researchers. In fact, the ghostly activity inside the long-forgotten walls of the Anderson Hotel has gotten so terrifying, so violent, and so unpredictable that the location has been sealed off and all ghost hunts ceased. We were the last paranormal investigators to spend the night in the building, and we experienced first-hand the frightening reason why the haunted Anderson Hotel’s doors are now locked. I first visited the Anderson Hotel in July of 2015 and was immediately obsessed with the building. Tucked away atop a lovely cafe, you’d never know the shuttered business was even there if it weren’t for the rusting neon ‘HOTEL’ sign hanging outside the building’s second story. Our friend and colleague Jeff Waldridge of the Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk had invited us to investigate the building after a very strange incident with our mutual friend and paranormal researcher Donnie Irvin. During a routine ghost hunt, Donnie began to notice a strange burning sensation on his foot. After the pain began to intensify, he pulled his shoe off to discover a fresh set of teeth marks. It was such a bizarre scenario that no one was quite sure how to explain it. Read More: Kentucky's Violently Haunted Anderson Hotel is so Scary it was Sealed Up

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