The key to defeating ISIL is understanding how it markets itself

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One of the most vital tools we have in understanding the Islamic State are the videos it uses to inspire potential recruits. A terrorist organization always reveals far more in messages to sympathetic listeners than to enemies. In understanding these narratives often lie the keys to defeating them.

Two weeks ago ISIL released the above video via its official media channel, al-Hayat Media Center, and it is “typical” of the organization’s favored propaganda, says Aaron Y. Zelin of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, who uploaded it. It may be typical for those who follow these things closely, but it still tells us a lot about the group.

Aside from how slick the video looks—ISIL’s propaganda is known for its superior production value—the main focus of the video, and central to ISIL’s appeal, is the emphasis on the caliphate.

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