Kim Jong Un Celebrates Missile Launch By Visiting A Sacred Volcano Where His Father Was Supposedly Born

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In celebration of his most recent missile launch, supreme leader Kim Jong Un of North Korea visited Mount Paektu, a sacred inactive volcano where his father, Kim Jong-il, was supposedly born in 1942. Last week, North Korea launched its most powerful intercontentinal ballistic missile to date, proving that it has the capabilities of bombing targets on the U.S. mainland. The missile reached a height of roughly 2,800 miles above the Earth, or just over 10 times higher than the International Space Station. The launch marked the sixteenth time North Korea tested its ballistic missile capabilities in 2017, a record number. It came two months after a successful nuclear test at an underground site in on the country's mountainous provinces. Hours before the launch, South Korean defense officials said Pyongyang is only a year away from fully developing its nuclear arsenal and reaching its goal of developing a nuke capable of reaching the U.S.

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