Let's Attack Mars

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A fleet of silver arrows soars overhead. From the freezing ground below, the needle-like spears glimmer in the sunlight. They slice the atmosphere releasing sound waves where none existed moments earlier. The first dart lands, piercing the ground. A second falls hundreds of meters further on; a third somewhere in the distance. An explosive blast sounds and is carried miles through the thin air. The arrow finds its mark 1-2 meters underground. Mechanisms within the arrow deploy. Chambers fill with soil and mix with radioactive broth. While this scenario sounds like an attack by weapons of mass destruction, it's quite the opposite. It's the search for life. Life as we've never known it. Life on Mars. This scene is what it might look like on Mars if we deploy the sophisticated scientific equipment designed to settle, once and for all -- and with all the implications it entails -- whether there is life on Mars. And these high-tech darts aren't science fiction. They can be built today. They can be ready for deployment by the time the next Mars lander takes flight. Make no mistake: life on Mars is not little green men. If life exists, it is bacteria that make their living off the sparse Martian environment. If it exists, Martian life will probably remind us of organisms that live deep in frozen lakes in Antarctica. In fact, the life forms on Mars and Earth may be related. Finding out is part of the mission of the silver arrows. But, first, does life exist on Mars? via Juli Berwald.

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