Let's make every weekend a three day weekend

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It’s the Labor Day weekend, and no doubt all of downtown Buffalo will soon be full of marching workers like it was in 1901, celebrating the role of organized labor in building the City of Light. But Labor Day only comes once a year (while actually, it comes twice; it was originally on May 1st). What if every weekend was a long weekend? For one thing, it would save a lot of energy and significantly reduce our carbon footprints. A 2006 study found that if Americans simply worked fewer hours, say the European average, it would reduce energy consumption as much as 20 percent. Another 2009 study found that going to a 3 day weekend for everyone would make an even bigger difference. Alex Williams of the University of London writes in The Conversation:
With a four-day week, huge amounts of commuting to and from work could be avoided, as well as the energy outputs from running workplaces. At a point when we need to massively cut back our carbon outputs, instituting a three-day weekend could be the simplest and most elegant way to make our economy more environmentally friendly.

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