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Wed Dec 26 - Lien Potgieter - Become Color Conscious: And Transform Your Experiences

www.thecolouroption.com Twitter: @chicrainbowchik BIO: Lien Potgieter is an online business coach specializing in colour therapy. She guides women entrepreneurs to discover their purpose, unearth their hidden gifts, and start a heart-centred business through her 1:1 Purpose Coaching Programme. Lien started her business after leaving a stifling corporate job and discovered self-development through the hidden meanings of colour. She is the founder of The Colour Option, author of Become Color Conscious and Transform your Experiences, and creator of the Feel Great with Colour App, which help people heal naturally with colour, movement, affirmations, essential oils, and food. Lien was also recently named as 1 of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 50 South African Business Women to Watch.

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