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What it’s like to ship yourself overnight on Cabin’s sleep pod bus

Cabin, the sleep pod-equipped charter bus, wants to be like the Ritz Carlton, but on wheels. Last weekend, I traveled from San Francisco to Los Angeles roundtrip on Cabin. When I arrived to the bus pickup location in San Francisco, a smiley attendant greeted me. She then proceeded to check me in and stow away my bag. Upon entering the bus, I saw the social lounge, where people can chit chat and hang out if they don’t want to go to sleep right away. I bypassed that area and went straight upstairs to pick out my pod. I went with a top bunk with the emergency exit, because the exit row pods have the most room. Each pod was equipped with some nighttime necessities, like ear plugs, water and a melatonin supplement. Shortly after picking out my pod, a fellow traveler asked me if I wanted a picture of myself in the pod. Clearly, I said yes.

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