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Wed Jan 23 - Linda Geddes - How to Combat the Winter Blues

Linda Geddes will discuss ways to beat the "Winter Blues"! www.lindageddes.com TWITTER: @lindageddes Dark Winter Sad Depression Surprising Link Between Sunshine and Suicide Staying Awake Surprisingly Effective Way Treat Depression Our Solar Bodies BIO: Linda Geddes is a Bristol-based freelance journalist writing about biology, medicine and technology. Born in Cambridge, UK, she graduated from Liverpool University with a first-class degree in Cell Biology. She spent nine years at 'New Scientist' magazine working as a news editor, features editor and reporter, and remains a consultant to the magazine. Linda has received numerous awards for her journalism, including the Association of British Science Writers’ awards for Best Investigative Journalism. Her first book, Bumpology, was a myth-busting guide to pregnancy and babies. Her second book, Chasing The Sun (released Jan 2019/Fall 2019 in the US) explores our biological relationship with sunlight and how it shapes our bodies and minds. She is married with two young children, Matilda and Max.

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