Tue Jul 23 (Hour 1-2) - Linda Godfrey - Modern-Day Encounters with Monsters of New Urban Legend & Ancient Lore

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The monsters of ancient mythology, folklore, and more contemporary urban legend have long captured the popular imagination. While most people in America today relegate monsters to just that - our imaginations - we continue to be fascinated by the unknown. Linda Godfrey is one of the country's leading authorities on modern-day monsters and has interviewed countless eyewitnesses to strange phenomena. Monsters evolve, taking on both new and familiar forms over time and across cultures. Tonight Linda Godfrey explores uncanny encounters with werewolves, goatmen, Bigfoot, and more.

Website: lindagodfrey.com TWITTER: @lindasgodfrey Linda Godfrey is a nationally acknowledged authority on cryptid or hidden animals, a researcher, field investigator and author of 18 published books. She is best known for breaking the news story on the upright canid creature she dubbed “The Beast of Bray Road.”

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