Linda Howe's Part 4: Fraud Leak UPDATE on Alleged DIA Document... “Is Not Real”

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June 30, 2017 Waterford, Virginia - On June 16, 2017, I received an email < at the end of this updated audio interview report> from Peter Capwell Thomas, 61, from Waterford, Virginia. He was a U. S. Navy NT 5 accoustic and operations analyst who retired October 2012, after a 26-year career for the Navy. Every day he had to research the Navy's Classification Guidelines book, which was itself classified. Peter had to properly process subjects related to robotics, underwater technologies, and other evolving advanced technologies and had to reference how those subjects needed to be used as Classified, Secret and Top Secret documents. Because of unofficial conversations about UFOs and E. T.s, he has done a lot of research about the phenomenon. Read More:

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