Lisa Says Bud's Photo is the Real Deal

Posted by K R on

This photo is being submitted on the behalf of W.A. "Bud" Heiss. It was taken with his cell phone along the side of the road in Cuervo, New Mexico a few years ago. He is a long-distance trucker. It is not a reflection and he was standing outside of the truck. He did not see anything other than the landscape until later reviewing the photos.

This man does not know how to fake anything and he was very upset when he saw the eyes. I have known him since he was 14 years old and he took it with a cell phone which, I think, is impossible to fake anyway.

Thank you, Keith. Your comment about a reflection was my first thought when I first saw it. Believe me, the photographer looks nothing like this. If it is NOT a ghost image, the only other explanation that comes to mind is that another photo somehow came from "cyberspace" and got on his cell phone at the same time that he took the photo. I really appreciate you accepting it. I wish that some experts could examine it and determine that it is not a fake because I think it would then be considered one of the best photos that was ever taken. Thank you again.


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