Listen to the mysterious 'alien call' coming from the Mariana Trench

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THIS chilling sound had scientists spooked after it was heard coming from the deepest part of the ocean. Researchers at the Hatfield Marine Science Centre were shocked to hear the wailing noise while monitoring deep-sea whale communications in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench. Lasting around three seconds, the moaning noise hits super-low, and then super-high frequencies. The experts’ best guess is that they picked up a never before heard whale call while monitoring the uncharted depths. Marine experts sent a machine called a hydrophone down to the deepest part of the trench, which lies between Japan and Australia. The hydrophone can travel through the sea for months at a time and dive up to 1,000 metres. It's there that it picked up the strange booming sound. Some believe it could be a mating call from a Baleen whale. Read More: The Sun

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