Living in space appears to reverse key ageing processes, study finds

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An astronaut who spent nearly a year in the International Space Station experienced changes to his body which appeared to reverse one of the key ageing processes, according to new research. Scott Kelly, who has an identical twin who is a retired astronaut, spent 340 days on the space station in 2015 and 2016. Scientists used the opportunity to monitor changes in Mr Kelly’s body while he was in space compared to those experienced by his brother Mark. What they found was surprise. But those in Mr Kelly’s white blood cells seem to have got longer than his brother’s while he was living in the Space Station. “That is exactly the opposite of what we thought,” radiation biologist Susan Bailey told Nature. The extra radiation that astronauts are exposed to in space was expected to have led to shortening of the telomeres. A study involving 10 astronauts is now underway in an attempt to work out what happened. It might have nothing to do with life in space.

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