Lockheed Martin makes major STEM push to inspire young space innovators

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Lockheed Martin wants to inspire the next generation of American space innovators with a major Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education project. Launched last month, Generation Beyond aims to bring the science of space into homes and classrooms. Geared toward middle school students, the program harnesses Lockheed Martin’s experience in deep space exploration. “We absolutely depend on these skills coming out of colleges and universities and even high schools,” said former astronaut and U.S. Navy aviator Stephen Frick, who is now director of strategic planning and operations for Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Center. “It’s really important for the nation.” Frick explained that reaching pupils early in their school careers is crucial, noting that they are already “tracked in” for specific subjects by the time they get to high school. Read More: Fox News

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