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Long-term spaceflights challenged as harm to astronauts’ health revealed

NASA is looking into whether astronauts can survive long-term spaceflight, with the latest study identifying possible health risks including asymptomatic infections, increased allergies and persistent rashes. The new study points out that long duration flights may temporarily confuse astronauts’ immune systems by altering cell functions. It was revealed that some cells begin to function either lower than normal, which the researchers describe as ‘depressed’, or their activity is heightened. If the cells’ activity is depressed then the immune system is not exhibiting any symptoms from the illness, leading to the risk of asymptomatic or dormant viruses that awaken without proper bodily response. On the other hand, if the cells’ activity is heightened there is a higher risk of increased allergy symptoms and persistent rashes. Both have already been experienced by some crew members. via RT News.

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