What Is Lucid Dreaming and How Do I Get Started?

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Welcome to Lifehacker’s Lucid Dream Workshop. Each week we’ll learn a little more about the mysterious realm of sleep science, dreams, and how to “wake up” when we’re fast asleep. What are dreams? Experts can’t agree on what dreams are, precisely. Some say dreams are the brain resolving problems or processing emotions from your waking life; some say they’re just a collection of memory data that your brain is trying to incorporate. But perhaps the simplest possible definition is that dreams are your brain’s way of knowing that it exists. Your brain has plenty to do in your waking state, when you have nonstop external stimuli for it to process, but when you’re asleep, it has very little stimuli to sift through. When there is no world for your brain to perceive, it adapts by creating its own to maintain normal function and keep sharp. We may not know why we have dreams, but we do know when we have them. When you get a proper night’s rest, you experience four main stages of sleep:

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