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Lucy: 9 years old, rescued

Here are pictures of our wonderfully sweet 9 year old cat Lucifer, or Lucy for short since she is a girl. She was rescued some years ago from an abusive home by my wife. She recognized the treatment Lucy, whose name was tweak at the time (named after a very dangerous drug) was receiving right away and immediately… borrowed her…. From that place without letting anyone know.

When she first came home, she was skittish and somewhat aggressive. With a ton of love from both my wife and I, she is now the most affectionate cat I have ever seen. Not only is she wonderful to us, but she is wonderful to her ‘sister’ Ellie, who is a tea cup Chihuahua we adopted when she was a small puppy about 2 years ago.

I don’t know what I would do without Lucy, she helps to keep me sane at stressful times in my life. When something is going wrong, she doesn’t waste any time before jumping up on my lap and kneading, or massaging, me to make me feel better. Sometimes when she falls asleep on your lap, she will start to slide off. It’s like she is in a coma, and you have to shake her to wake her up. The first time it happened, I was frantic to wake her because I thought she had died in my lap, but she just looked up at me annoyed for waking her, and apparently thinking I was crazy. I’ve never seen such an intelligent and loving cat, and I am glad I get to share her and her story with the rest of the world!

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