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Maggie in the Morning


My wife and I live with multiple cats.
Our most affectionate cat is Maggie.
This is a picture of my wife holding her, and below is our morning routine:

1.) Wake-up.

2.) Remove cat from face.

3.) Spend 5 min. removing cat hair from face.

4.) Get out of bed, trip on cat, put hand through wall.

5.) Race cat to bathroom and close door behind; Turn around, cat is faster than you.

6.) Sit on toilet, cat sits on your lap, then attacks toilet paper.

7.) Jump in shower, cat disappears.

8.) Get out of shower, cat reappears, and then proceeds to dry off your ankles.

9.) Brush teeth, cat brushes your face. (repeat step 3.)

10.) Trip over cat on the way to bedroom, hit head on floor. (Repeat steps 2-3.)

All though I have received several sprained ankles, I wouldn't trade Maggie for the world.

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