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Maine blue lobster find could be one in 2 million

A young Maine lobsterwoman pulled up a surprising find as she checked her traps this weekend: a striking blue crustacean that scientists say could be a 1 in 2 million specimen. Meghan LaPlante, 14, who has a summer job with her parents at Miss Meghan’s Lobster Catch in Old Orchard Beach, said she was excited and surprised to see the unusual lobster. She has found other interesting catches — including a 6-pounder that she had to throw back because of its size, but nothing like this. “I knew that it was definitely rare, but I actually have never seen any other unordinary lobster,” said LaPlante, who is about to start her freshman year in high school. She and her dad have been lobstering many summer afternoons this year. The catch Saturday drew attention from around the country, in part because it’s so out of the ordinary to find live American lobsters that are any other color than the dark blue and greenish-brown commonly seen in New England’s restaurant tanks. via The Boston Globe.

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