When major disasters happen, many reportedly foresee them in dreams

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Reports of precognition and other kinds of extrasensory perception are common around major events in human history, the ones that really resound through the collective psyche—the world wars, 9/11, natural disasters. Oftentimes the visions foretelling the future disaster come in dreams; other times phenomena can manifest while the person is awake at the exact time the event occurs. It seems soldiers were able to send telepathic messages from the battlefield to their loved ones during World War I. French astronomer and author Camille Flammarion collected accounts during World War I of seemingly precognitive or telepathic phenomena. He wrote in his book, “Death and Its Mystery” (1921): “I received a great number of letters telling of telepathic transmissions sent from the battlefields.” One of the examples he gave was that of “Madame D.” She was worried about her husband away at war because she hadn’t heard from him in a long time. She finally received a letter from him on August 25, 1914, putting her mind at ease. Later that day, at precisely 3 p.m. while she was listening to her sister play the piano, she suddenly stood up, uttered a terrible cry, and fainted. When revived, she said she had seen horrible slaughter on the battlefield and watched her husband fall dead. As it turns out, her husband was killed at 3 p.m. on Aug. 25.

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