The makings of UFO hoaxes. Fake flying saucer landed in park.

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Parkgoers in Weymouth, Massachusetts came across a bizarre mystery at the Great Esker Park on Monday, October 2nd. Visitors of the park discovered a massive metallic flying saucer seemingly crashed near the bank of the Back River which abuts the park. Park officials rushed to the scene in anticipation of finding a downed alien craft, but were disappointed to find what is clearly a haphazard forgery. Despite its clearly terrestrial origins, the fake UFO is still proving to be a bizarre and unsolved mystery. The large, silver object has no markings or identifying information whatsoever aside from a single barcode. The inner frame appears to be wood lined with cardboard, while the outer silver shell is some sort of pliable metal. Park employees with the Weymouth Recreation Division originally speculated that the saucer-shaped object could be some form of crude tent or shelter built by a vagrant or mentally ill individual. However, just exactly how someone could have constructed it without attracting attention or moved it into the park remains a mystery.

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