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The man who can’t feel pain

STEVE Pete has broken bones more times than he can count and once chewed part of his own tongue off. The 33-year-old also shattered his arm so badly he initially didn’t even realise he was hurt until he saw the bones poking out. While his injuries sound horrific, and no doubt are, Mr Pete has no idea he has even injured himself because he can’t feel pain. The American suffers from congenital analgesia or congenital insensitivity to pain. While this has obvious plus sides, there are a lot more disadvantages than people realise. “I’ve had so many injuries over the years that it’s hard to recall,” he told news.com.au from his home in Kelso, Washington State. “I’ve broken so many bones. One time in the playground at school I was on the swing set going back and forth. “I jumped off the swing, landed incorrectly and my bones shattered in my right arm. “I didn’t feel it but there was bone sticking out, which was a pretty good indication I’d injured myself.” Mr Pete, whose brother Chris also suffers with the same condition, said he was a baby when his parents realised something was seriously wrong after he chewed off part of his tongue, and he underwent a series of tests. But it wasn't until 2011 that he was given the genetic tests which confirmed he and Chris had genetic mutations of the SCN9A gene, which causes the insensitivity to pain. The condition also means he is unable to smell. via SBS Insight.

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