Man discovered a spider had burrowed under his skin

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NOTHING tops off a holiday in Bali like discovering there is a spider burrowing under your skin. Bunbury local Dylan Thomas’ first trip to Bali last weekend was complete with a visit to the Bali International Medical Centre to have a tropical spider pulled out of his stomach. 21-year-old Dylan awoke after a quiet night in his four and a half star hotel room to find a bizarre red trail two inches from his naval and heading upwards. “It was as if someone had scratched me with the tip of a knife,” he said. Later that evening, the trail had moved two or three inches higher. When a concerned Dylan fronted up to the doctors early on Sunday morning, they told him it was a small insect bite, and gave him some antihistamine cream to rub on the red line. Later that morning he awoke to blisters. “That’s when it became painful, it was a searing burn,” he said. He finally saw a dermatologist on Monday, who told him that it was something out of the ordinary. Doctors extracted a tropical spider that had burrowed itself into the scar from Dylan’s recent appendix removal. “It was a bit bigger than the size of a match head,” he said. He has now earnt himself the nickname Spider-man. via NT News.

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