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Man Shares Eerie Photos of Ghostly Black Footprints That Regularly Appear During the Night

I don’t know about you, but if I came into work in the morning and found mysterious footprints all over the place, I’d probably think that someone broke in. That’s exactly what one man thought too, until the prints continued appear over and over again each and every night. The weirdest part? The strange set of tracks would often lead directly into walls, cabinets, or even disappear altogether.

After months of finding bizarre footprints walking all over his workplace, a man going by the username “Kappnfalcon” took to reddit’s r/paranormal boards to get some advice. Sometimes, he explained, the footprints would look like they belonged to a fully grown man, other times they were the size of a small child’s foot, and even stranger were the random positions in which they were always found.

Kappynfalcon claims that his unnamed store even has a motion-activated 24 hour security cameras that record any activity in every room of the building, and he swears there’s never anything review on the tapes.

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