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Tue Oct 23 - Marcee Brightenstine - Spirited Adventures with a Haunted Doll

Marcee Brightenstine a fun-loving, professional photographer, history buff, and paranormal investigator shares her lively adventures with her doll named Millee who is haunted by a spirited young girl from the 1800s BIO: Millee and Me is the true story of a haunted doll named Millee and her owner Marcee. Millee is haunted by a spirited young girl from the 1800's and Marcee is a fun loving professional photographer, history buff and paranormal investigator. Together they raise eyebrows, laugh and make friends throughout the country. Share in their lively adventures as they explore spooky and historic locations - ghost towns, haunted hotels, pioneer cemeteries and more. Keep an open mind, enjoy the adventure, and remember - not all haunted dolls are scary! www.milleeandme.com www.skeletoncrewparanormal.com

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