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Mon Oct 28 (Hour 1-2) Marie D. Jones - Celebrity Ghosts and Notorious Hauntings

Rich Famous Glamorous and Dead! Marie looks at many famous ghosts―dead celebrities that haunt old Hollywood locales, famous generals that appear to witnesses at great battlefields, and noted politicians that roam the hallways of courthouses, statehouses, and even the White House! Plus, this fascinating frightfest examines the famous haunted locations themselves, such as the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the Hotel del Coronado, Gettysburg, the Stanley Hotel (which inspired Stephen King’s The Shining) and so many others that claim the supernatural as part of their heritage and history.

www.mariedjones.com TWITTER: @mariedjones Marie D. Jones is a best-selling author of non-fiction and fiction, and a screenwriter/producer with her own company, Where’s Lucy? Productions and is currently developing the Maybelline cosmetics family empire story for television based on the book she co-wrote with heiress Sharrie Williams. She is also an indie filmmaker with a short film, “Kings Boulevard” which she wrote and executive produced for RockChalk Pictures hitting film festivals in spring of 2019; a short film based on the Stephen King short story “Graduation Afternoon” in pre-production; and two upcoming features in pre-production for 2019/2020 with Gray Area Multimedia. She has appeared on television and on radio all over the world, and has hundreds of credits writing for magazines, guest blogs, reviews, short stories, online articles and gift books. She has lectured widely on the paranormal, unknown anomalies, cutting edge science, metaphysics and human consciousness.

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