Thu Jun 6 - Mark L. Cowden - Full Disclosure: How Rock 'n Roll Opened the Door to Ghosts, Ufo's, and Bigfoot

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Mark L Cowden will discuss his work in the field of paranormal forensics and as well as the technology and methods he developed to achieve such ground-breaking results. He will also talk about the what he has been up to since writing the first book! TWITTER: @spiritvoices75 Mark L. Cowden is an American author, TV personality and anomalous investigator currently residing in Ireland. Mark holds the UK National Press Card which is the highest level press clearance available in the UK along with it’s worldwide counterpart recognized by over 50 embassies worldwide. Being of Cherokee and Scots Irish decent, he has always had a belief that there is something more to life and death than what meets the eye. Mark continues to investigate all aspects of the supernatural and is the founder of MCAP (Media Coverage of Anomalous Phenomena) a worldwide network of accredited media professionals who cover anomalous phenomena. Mark’s experiences in Ireland ignited the curiosity and drive to not only document the mysteries of our world, but also our universe.

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