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Thu June 1 - Martin Frank - Supernatural Bacteria Theory

As a music producer for over twenty years, Martin has internationally toured underground music circuits and released a diverse catalog of challenging, genre-bending music under a variety of pseudonyms known and unknown. He carries a strong background as an independent researcher of hidden knowledge, esoteric arts, and the Fortean mysteries, and is now the co-founder and producer of Prove It Paranormal Research, a self-released documentary series dealing with the ever-complicated field of paranormal research. Since 2014, the Prove It team has developed and applied its own science-driven methods and creative strategies at a variety of allegedly haunted locations, from dark shadowy roads to desolate, abandoned structures. The team is now unveiling to the larger community a long-term attempt to either prove or disprove what could be the world's first unified field theory of the paranormal. www.proveitparanormal.com

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