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Mary Rose Ghost

This picture was taken in November of 2010. I had just received my digital full spectrum camera and this photo was among the first photos taken by it The house the picture was taken in is located in Lincoln, Ca. The house belongs to my wife's mother and father. Her father is deceased and her mother is living elsewhere so the house at the time the pic was taken had been empty for approx. 1 year at that time. The house is only about 8 years old and there were no other houses on that spot prior to it construction, it was empty farmland My wife's parents complained at the time they lived there that there was something wrong with the house, by something wrong, although they wouldn't admit it, we got the impression it was haunted, but they wouldn't say so. When the house became empty we began a series of EVP investigations and we found that the house was replete with numerous spirits. 3-4 of these spirits were female and 4-5 were male. The EVP recordings were very very busy and at times it was as though parties were ensuing. We got many many Class A+++ recordings. One of these entities sounded extremely demonic, threatening to kill us, using profane language and overall just very threatening toward us. I ordered a digital Full Spectrum Camera and we decided to try it out on the house which was on Mary Rose Lane. We entered the house, camera in hand, and as I walked I proclaimed loudly that I had a device that would now reveal their presence to us, I repeated this many times as I held the camera up in plain view. I began snapping pictures. I snapped this in the very rear of the house. I was standing in the master bedroom and pointed the camera into the master bath. On the right of the picture you will see a portion of the wall which is vertical and brightly lit, just to the left of this abutment you will see a face peering out and looking at me. The entity is actually standing in the closet area and slightly behind the wall. To the left of this face you will see a large mirror. This is the sliding mirrored door to the closet, the mirrored door to the right has been moved to the left so that both doors are to the left of the face. I can only assume that this "critter" heard my threats and ran to the far end of the house, hiding in the closet area and then peering out at me. Of course when I took the picture I saw nothing with my physical eyes. As you can see he is skeleton like. He appears to have locks of hair falling down to his forehead, and there appears to be a hole in the creatures forehead-right.
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You can make out his chin, two hollow appearing eyes and he appears to have thin "lips" with the upper lip curled upwards. What I find amusing is, if this is the threatening demonic like entity that we captured on EVP then why did he run and hide from us? Perhaps he is not as brave as he would have us believe Dan in Roseville, Ca.

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