Wed Aug 14 (Hour 1-2) - Matthew Alper - The Afterlife Debate

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Picking up from where we left off last month, author and philosopher Matthew Alper will discuss his contention that the afterlife does not exist. Aside from religious indoctrination, the reason humans typically believe in the afterlife is that they are genetically hard wired to experience the 'God part' of the brain. Matthew Alper attended Vassar and graduated from SUNY Stonybrook with a B.A. in Philosophy. He has worked as a history teacher in the Brooklyn projects, a tutor in the Philippines, a truck smuggler in Central Africa and a produced screenwriter in Germany from whence he returned to NYC to write what he considers his life’s work "The 'God' Part of the Brain." Since its initial publication in 1996, Alper's work has been applauded by prominent scientists, academics and Pulitzer prize winners. He has been cited in numerous magazines, appeared on a variety of radio and TV shows, lectured across the US and can be seen in the acclaimed featured documentary "The Nature of Existence." His book is now in seven languages and has a fan base that extends around the globe. Moreover, The "God Part of the Brain" is the first book written on this subject and is considered a pioneer work in the new field of study known as Neurotheology. Articles: Results of world's largest Near Death Experiences study published 13 University-Sanctioned Paranormal Research Projects

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